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PROGRESSIVE ROCK figures have gradually been going down as punk style skyrocketed. Indeed, this hard-listening style has grown archaic, and led to a proud freaky new wave that irritated Prog Rock fellows, and some of us are still feeling like disillusioned.

But that sure was inevitable.

Even if we know that prog is still alive, nowadays we can realize that some fans' own behavior KEEPS marking its marginalization. Not only it's a shame for people who wants to get into Prog Rock, but it's an upset for real fans being mocked at!

Since some fool fans behavior doesn't feel like to change, numbers of listeners are unable to know where to collect information on the net, and sometimes will find themselves into some corrupted website. The usurpers are mostly located in Canada, Usa, England, and East of Europe. But it's a matter of global plague. Websites won't put obstacles in the path of each other, mostly concerning Prog Rock, they stand hand in hand. The purpose of this website is to advise proguists through the net and to share some website - or some parts of it - to ignore, for them to keep away from corruption. Some protagonists will be unveiled.

By waiting for a massive relevant attendance here, the usurpers abuses will fade away and will let proguists reputation free and in a very large positive improvement.

The website was written in french, negatively-considered-people language globally. Some articles or pages might be translated upon request, or won't be translated ever. You are cordially invited to comment any article, or/and to write your name in the guestbook with or without comment.

Progressive Rock fans are human : you bet?