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PROG PEOPLE is a website which particularity is being built "upside down", i.e. news and some other forum data will be used straight for the root website you're looking into. The website name is contradictory : on the one hand, its purpose is to make progressive music's definition, events, internet sources clearer, and on the other hand, it is to denounce any information flow corrupted by people, groups of people, websites, mailing lists too sectarian or conversely usurping too much. The nutshell, it is that unlike the ways of a popular stars worshipping magazine, the website will do the contrary and will put the stress on the true substance of what we shall know about this style made ambiguous for its decline.

Contradictory particularity : To gain insight into all, everybody can post, even and mostly the denounced people - obviously if they dare enough, which won't fail to amaze everybody. Now, an ignore or highlight messages option will allow anyone to highlight or ignore posts from any other one. These options will be available as soon as the website attendance get higher.

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