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le 07 Aug 12

Prog People Présente

Italy, 2013. According to the PA biography, not only they released a couple of album with a huge gap between 1980 and 2013, but they started out the from the late 70s, as a tribute band covering the best influencing ones from now and then. As such, they recorded the beginning of the first track with a prior live version of it. The band has always been famous around the world, although they released a few material including the 2 self-composed records. Nevertheless, the eponym album is obviously great treat for us all. The first 5/5 stars review on PA says it all and more, feel free to read it, as a proper review on that website is a not-to-be-missed event. Italian progressive subgenre is a huge world within a world, but this is a record made by a tip top band from in there, with a great appearance of La maschera Di Cera singer as a guest amongst many others. Highly recommended.

Aurora Lunare

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Aurora Lunare

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AURORA LUNARE biography (from :

Founded in Livorno, Italy in 1978 - Disbanded in 1991 - Reformed in 2003

Despite forming in 1978, Italian band Aurora Lunare would not get around to officially recording professionally until over thirty years later! The group, comprised of friends from Livorno, came together with a shared love for the adventurous pop/rock music of the day such as E.L.P, Yes, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Le Orme and Area, initially playing covers of the music of those bands. Upon reforming many years later, initial recordings from the band between 2009-2011 saw them continuing in the covers direction on `Recital for a Seasons End', `A Flower Full of Stars' and `Tales from the Edge', tribute albums dedicated to Marillion, the Flower Kings and Yes.

December 2013 finally saw the release of the official self-titled debut work from the band, comprised of material written in the late 70's through to new modern compositions. With guest appearances from members of RPI bands new and old such as La Maschera de Cera and Le Orme, the album, out now on Lizard Records, is a sophisticated and impressive work. Fans of the above mentioned bands and lush symphonic-styled progressive music that is lovingly vintage flavoured with a clean modern production will find much to enjoy about this band. They will especially appeal to those who love the more keyboard-dominated Italian bands such as Corte dei Miracoli, the darker eerie moments of Goblin, as well as anyone who appreciates the classical sophistication and experimental moments of the better Italian classic progressive works.

Bio by Aussie-Byrd-Brother (Michael H)