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le 07 Aug 12

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2014. Who said finally? lol The guitar demo oriented band from the US of A released quite an interestingly soft one. Reviews on PA are well done with guitar specialists authors. Short album though, but nice tracks, this time prefering old school progressive rock instead of instead of any other demo oriented album - it would take time to find out the name of the band playing. marvellous surprise for Djam Karet fans, as soon as we would enter this instrumental world of them granting a deep canterbury feeling, along with delicate, jovial and many aerial moments. Enjoy an awesome keyboard / mellotron playing all along this one. Enjoy every track actually, an aerial peaceful and happiness music, with many déjà vu melodies. Essential must know.

Djam Karet

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DJAM KARET biography (from :

One of the first new prog bands to emerge on the 80's and 90's scene. The music is hard to categorize, switching among many different moods and styles, sometimes with psychedelic influences. Long improvisations, and main influences are OZRIC TENTACLES and KING CRIMSON.

"The Devouring" and "Burning The Hard City" are considered by many to be one of the best prog albums released in the 90s. DJAM KARET have taken their trademark sound of blistering guitar solos, atmospheric passages, and instrumental prowess and added old school prog rock keyboards. The resultant music is a great delight for the guitar fan as well as the adventurous rock listener.